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"I tend to be very picky about care for my kids and this office has really gone far beyond my expectations! From the moment you walk in, the office is designed to care for kids, make them feel comfortable and avoid any anxiety. The staff is professional, appropriate and caring. There are movies for the kids to watch, which is so helpful. Dr. McDonald is amazing with my kids. He talks in ‘code’ so that I am informed and my kids are at ease. He has had to do fillings on both of my kids and a crown on my daughter. The procedures have gone much better than I imagined and they haven’t had any issues following these. My kids love coming to their checkups and I couldn’t ask for more. Sometimes it takes awhile to get an appointment, so schedule ahead because it is well worth the wait!"



"My eight year old daughter met Dr. Escobar for the first time last week. We found him to be kind and gentle. It was determined two cavities, under watch for some time, would have to be repaired. This week, Courtney went in for her filling. It was after we spent a little more time with Dr. Escobar and his team that we realized what a wonderful pediatric dentist he is!
I read Dr. Escobar’s philosophy after we returned home and realized why Courtney’s appointment went so well. Doctor Escobar believes to achieve optimal results for children in the dental setting, a harmony amongst parenting styles, children’s needs and dental expertise has to be reached. The above statement was reflected in our experience.
Parenting Styles and children’s needs -
Courtney (and I) felt most comfortable with me and her stuffed bunny close to her. I sat by her feet, held her hand, told her favorite story and cheered her on. I was grateful to be encouraged to provide Courtney with the support I knew she needed.
Dental expertise –
Rochelle made Courtney comfortable with a pillow and blanket, set up her movie, showed her the tools and how they would use them to repair her pretty smile. Valerie explained how things would feel and reassured Courtney she could let her know if anything was uncomfortable. Both Valerie and Rochelle helped Courtney feel in control which put her at ease. They know what kids need to triumph while experiencing something new and uncomfortable.
Dr. Escobar checked on us several times before he picked up a tool. He explained how preparation took much longer than actually fixing the cavity, talked her through what was happening and how long it would take. As a evidence of his good work my shy Courtney felt comfortable expressing when she needed something. Anyone with a shy child knows this is a big deal!!
As with Rochelle and Valerie, Dr. Escobar worked quickly to minimize Courtney’s discomfort. After her first tooth was repaired, Dr. Escobar told me there was time to repair the second so we offered Courtney the option – keep going and finish, or come back another day. Courtney was determined, so her team continued! Courtney surprised us all by choosing to lengthen her procedure. Clearly this was a result of Dr. Escobar, Rochelle and Valarie’s effort in providing comfort, empathy and stellar dental experiences. Dr. Escobar even called our home after the procedure to make sure Court was doing well.
Thank you for Courtney’s healthy smile and more importantly her positive experience under your care."


Cami Carris



"Dr. McDonald was at this visit, as he is every visit, a thoughtful and competent professional. He treats both of my sons with respect as patients and includes them in the conversation about their own dental health. He answers all my questions, as a parent, with such patience and detail that he makes me like we are all on the same team. Even though I am sure he has an extremely busy schedule, I never feel he is rushed when we have an appointment with him. He has such a calm and warm bedside manner that his presence puts everyone at ease. This last appointment, he took the time to make a copy of some information he found that specifically applied to a possibility related to my boys being swimmers and staining on their teeth. My husband and I have always been impressed with Dr. McDonald's ability to communicate with adults and children. The thoughtful way he evaluates the dental needs of each patient and discusses a plan, makes it obvious that he genuinely cares about each child."


H. Mcclure



"Dr. Keith McDonald is the friendliest kids dentist ever seen, she treat my son very well from the beginning to the end:) thanks for your energy."


Kristian K.



"I love everyone here. Always a great experience for my daughter. Last summer when she got her 'Hollywood' partial I was incredibly thankful for the entire team’s friendliness and skill with kiddos. Again, Paula does an outstanding job communicating with patients. She is the reason we originally became patients. The teams follow through and care is why we continue to be patients."


Addison W.



"We adore all the staff. Everyone is warm and welcoming to the adult and child guests. This is a place my 4yr old never has issues with attending. He is a busy body and the staff move around him with flexibility and understanding. Thank you."


Henri G.



"Amazing. Our three-year-old son is terrified and screams hysterically when we get his hair cut, so I've been dreading taking him to the dentist for his first visit. He didn't cry at all! Dr. Clara and Kayla just made him feel at ease. He had a blast and is looking forward to coming back! He even let Dr. Clara look at his teeth and scrape them, which I completely didn't expect. We've already recommended A Kid's Place, Too to our friends with toddlers!"


Ryuichi Y.



"Great with special needs teen. Everyone was wonderful for this transition appointment with my special needs son from his retired dentist. Everyone was welcoming and understanding and took his needs and limitations into account in the cleaning and with planning for follow up appointments. Thanks!"


Hale B.



"Audrey and I were in yesterday for her front tooth repair, and I just wanted to let you all know how relieved she is to have that done. She was so excited to show her dad, her teacher, her friends, etc. her new tooth today! She told me that Dr. McDonald is like magic!


Thanks again for the care you showed her yesterday."

Darby S.



"Thank goodness for you!! My kids now enjoy going to the dentist!! Being a parent of special needs children, it is especially important that they are treated kindly and with respect at dental visits.  


Everything involving our visits to your office gets an A+ grade from us. We appreciate your patience, attitude and gentle touch. Also, we like being able to be seen quickly at your office.


Your staff is kind beyond words. I have never met a better group of Dental Professionals. I would highly recommend you to everyone I know as the place to go for dental treatment.


Keep up the good work!"

Meredith R.

Seattle, WA



"My experience with A Kids Place Dentistry is something my children and I will never forget. Over the years we have experienced all types of dental care, from Public Health Dental to Independent Dental offices and have been disappointed every time. For a single mom of three boys, trying to do the right thing and educate my children on dental care was rough enough without having to be criticized by the dental staff. It made it hard for me to take the boys knowing they would be pointing fingers. It was only by faith that I found Dr. McDonald and his staff that made the difference in our lives. My children never enjoyed brushing and flossing like they do now. They enjoy their appointments!!! I enjoy their appointments!!! We were educated and assured that there are things that we can do to improve the care of their teeth. I have referred friends with children to A Kids Place Dentistry and will continue to do so. The girls in the office are so friendly and well loved by the kids. They bring a loving sensitive atmosphere in the office.


I hope to see this loving dental family grow and grow and grow. We love and appreciate the care that you guys provide for us and hope to be with you until the kids are all grown up."


Donna T.



"I would like to truly thank Dr. McDonald for making visits to the dentist a pleasant experience for my daughter again.


 When my youngest daughter, Amanda, needed to have a couple of crowns put on I thought it would be perfectly ok to take her to my dentist, whom I had been going to for years and had great success with. He was not a children's dentist and it showed when it came time for Amanda's crown appt. She left crying and said she would NEVER go to the dentist again.  Needless to say the crowns never got done and I was stuck with a daughter who was afraid of the dentist at a very young age.


A girlfriend of mine had heard great things about Dr. McDonald so I decided to give him a try as my last effort to get Amanda to go to the dentist again. She was very apprehensive to go, but her teeth were starting to hurt so she knew she had to do something.


We went for her initial check-up and she loved the office, the staff and Dr. McDonald right from the start. Dr. McDonald made the whole experience pain free. She still brags to this day about having to have crowns put on and she didn't feel a thing!


That was two years ago now and Amanda has had some additional fillings and other dental procedures that have been nothing but a great experience for her. She loves going to the dentist for her checkups and never grumbles about having to get any additional work done!


Dr. McDonald and his staff are fantastic! I would recommend anyone looking for a Great Dentist who really cares about your kids to give him a try!


Thanks so much!"

Sharon S.



"We just wanted to thank Dr. McDonald and the staff for a really fantastic dentist visit with our 21 month old yesterday.  We left feeling significantly more informed, confident about his dental care, and positive about treatment options!  Gotta say that after having gone to 2 other pediatric dentists, we truly feel blessed to have found this practice.  We are definitely sharing our experience with family and friends who have kiddos. 


Thank you! Thank you!"


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